Scenes from the
1893 World's Fair
The Columbian Exposition
Chicago, Illinois
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Midway Character Types


The Midway Plaisance, that paradise of ethnology, was most instructive.  To readers of the Bible, one might note the costumes of the Holy Land, which had changed little in centuries, offered a high degree of historical accuracy.   

A performer of  the danceventre, in the street of Cairo Theatre, performed to the sharp beats of the tambour offered a definite contrast to  a study of Listz's music and Western beauty and grace, performed at the Hungarian Cafe Chantant  

The Bedouin, of Syria, wore capes over silken robes, red or yellow boots of sheepskin, and silken turbans and offered a Wild East entertainment similar in nature to the Oriental features of Buffalo Bill's Wild West.  The counter-attraction of the Cow-boys, Mexicans, Cossacks, Bedouins, and military under Buffalo Bill, left the Bedouins in the shadows of obscurity and indifference.   


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