Scenes from the
1893 World's Fair
The Columbian Exposition
Chicago, Illinois
C Graham



Foreign buildings Along the Shore


Considered foremost among the foreign structures was the German Building, located in the center of the picture, with the waves of Lake Michigan washing over the granite-paved strand not fifty feet away.  "The German House," located on the Midway Plaisance, was poetical; it had a hundred delicacies of color and ornament that all in Jackson Park were quick to admire and praise.  It cost $250,000.   The bells in the tall belfry were returned to the Church of Mercy, in Berlin, which was erected in memory of the late Empress Augusta. The cupola rose to one hundred and fifty feet.  The main portion simulated a chapel and its furnishings of sacred figures, organs, candles and bibles, bore out the ecclesiastical theme.  On the far side was a galleried house filled with rare books and a full set of Tauchnitz's volumes, and Handel's, Bach's and Mozart's complete works.

In the foreground is the left pavilion of the French Building.   To the right, a similar pavilion stood, and the two were connected by a semi-circular gallery in which hung many large paintings of scenes in Paris.  In the left pavilion was shown the administrative machinery of Paris, including the Bertillon method of measuring criminals.



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