Scenes from the
1893 World's Fair
The Columbian Exposition
Chicago, Illinois
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The two grand feature of the Street in Cairo was the Wedding Procession and camel rides.  

In the Wedding Procession, gaily caparisoned camels, lead by donkey boys.  The first carried a half-stripped Egyptian, who danced with his shoulder after the Asiatic, African and Muscovite manner; behind the tom-tom beaters came the camels with great howdahs, holding the bride; after them the hollow square of celebrants, the Bull Apis, and the oots, drums and priests of Luxor.  

Between the Wedding Processions, when the ships of the desert could be spared, lads  and lasses would go into convulsions of merriment as they mounted and then successfully rose on the altitudinous camel.


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