Scenes from the
1893 World's Fair
The Columbian Exposition
Chicago, Illinois
C Graham



Looking East in the Grand Court


The many statues along the Colonnade were made by the sculptors Daniel C French and E. C. Potter.  The farmer and horse on the left was the Statue of Industry. The Statue of the Republic, in the center of the central statuary of the fair, stood sixty-five feet tall.  The face is fifteen feet long, the little fingers a yard.  It was constructed in the spring and summer of 1892 in a room at the north end of the Forestry Building.  Mr. French received $8,000 for his services.  No less than $1,400 worth of gold-leaf was required to gild the statue.  The total cost was about $25,000. 

The Peristyle, in the background, took its name from a projected peristyle of columns that was to have encircled the harbor of the Fair and was the entrance for all visitors by lake.  The states and Territories of the Union were symbolized by the columns.  Upon the arch of triumph, stood the columbus quadriga, or four-horse chariot, designed by French and Potter and completed at a cost of $15,000.   On the right and left of the portal were statues representing the "Genius of Navigation," creations of Bella G. Pratt, of New York. 


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