Scenes from the
1893 World's Fair
The Columbian Exposition
Chicago, Illinois
C Graham



Moonlight on the Lagoons


The Fisheries Building, erected by Henry Ives Cobb, architect, of Chicago,  was admired by many.  It's East Pavilion housed one of the chief attractions of the Exposition - a double row of grottoed and illuminated acquaria.   Here the strangest inhabitants of the deep were conveniently viewed:  the King Crab, the Burr-fish, Flounders, Toad-fish, Anemones, Eels, Sturgeon, Cat-fish, Sharks, Bill-fish, Gold-fish, Blue-fish, Rays, Trout and many others.  Nearly six hundred feet of glass front were  shown in the acquaria, with three thousand square feet of surface water.  The area was over three acres and cost $225,000.  The columns and arches were carved with tortoises, serpents, calamus, fish and frogs.


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