Franklin County Providers



  • Linking services to families with special needs


  • The Franklin County Providers MR/DD is an embodiment of county providers that meet regularly to address concerns of families having difficulties locating services/solutions involving MR/DD issues.
  • The purpose of the Franklin County Providers MR/DD is to provide a forum for discussion of issues related to the needs/problems of individuals with developmental delays or disabilities and their families. 
  • The Franklin County Providers MR/DD limits itself to exploring direct support options for families exploring direct support options for families with special needs or concerns.  
  • This group of providers plan to explore several projects identified as high/top priority by families in the county.


Current Goals (Based on Individual Needs)

  • Community Resource Guide:  ongoing
  • Provides the family with information in their county regarding their special concerns.
  • The Patch Fund:  someone in need
  • Targets individual needs of a family and providers direct support.
  • Rest and Relaxation for Everyone (camps/trips)
  • Supports individual's rights to recreational facilities


  • Same as State MR/DD definitions


  • Justification in the county



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